Thursday, 22 November 2012


I have a beautiful friend, Isabella, who I have started running with on Sundays. When we started last Sundays run I was feeling a bit sad and all over the place. And as soon as I felt the fresh cold Cornish air whipping against my legs I felt I could breath. I could take a bit of time to think about everything. So I put my headphones on, turned Florence an the Machine up to full and just ran. I thought about things I had lost, things I had gained. Thought about my family, about my friends. I thought about memory's in the past and memories I hope to gain. And sure enough I found a smile spread upon my face. While smiling at my smile I accidentally changed my song onto a very loud Beyoncé song and burst into song and a dance. The view must of been great; the beautiful sea and then a running girl panting and a girl running and dancing. I think I sometimes forget where I am when a good song comes on. We ran across the connected beaches and then stopped for a bit on the other side and i flopped upon the slightly damp ground and took my shoes off. My toes curled into the sand and a shiver of cold shocked my body. I lay there while issy did star jumps and watched the clouds curl around one another like a romantic tango. I sat up and looked at the sea and thought to myself, I am so lucky, this is so beautiful. Then the song changed from a calmed Ben Howard to 'Yeah yeah by Willy Moon' and I jumped up and clicked my fingers and danced till a man and his dog came and then we ran home. The shower afterwards was a slice of heaven.

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