Thursday, 22 November 2012


I have a beautiful friend, Isabella, who I have started running with on Sundays. When we started last Sundays run I was feeling a bit sad and all over the place. And as soon as I felt the fresh cold Cornish air whipping against my legs I felt I could breath. I could take a bit of time to think about everything. So I put my headphones on, turned Florence an the Machine up to full and just ran. I thought about things I had lost, things I had gained. Thought about my family, about my friends. I thought about memory's in the past and memories I hope to gain. And sure enough I found a smile spread upon my face. While smiling at my smile I accidentally changed my song onto a very loud Beyoncé song and burst into song and a dance. The view must of been great; the beautiful sea and then a running girl panting and a girl running and dancing. I think I sometimes forget where I am when a good song comes on. We ran across the connected beaches and then stopped for a bit on the other side and i flopped upon the slightly damp ground and took my shoes off. My toes curled into the sand and a shiver of cold shocked my body. I lay there while issy did star jumps and watched the clouds curl around one another like a romantic tango. I sat up and looked at the sea and thought to myself, I am so lucky, this is so beautiful. Then the song changed from a calmed Ben Howard to 'Yeah yeah by Willy Moon' and I jumped up and clicked my fingers and danced till a man and his dog came and then we ran home. The shower afterwards was a slice of heaven.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


I have never overly celebrated Halloween but this year me and Matthew did some pumpkin carving. I loved it! I wanted to do something more original than the traditional scary face. So three hours down, with a painful wrist and smelling like pumpkin I had created my carved pumpkin, me and Matthew were very proud of ours.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Busy season

I have been really busy recently, my mind all over the place. I took Fine Art and the amount of work is, we'll its a lot. I have to balance this work with that work and think about when and where I can do it. This is definitely the reason I haven't posted in a while. After a lot of stress Matthew said to me, right that's enough and he stopped me for a day. Took me to a cafe for a hot Chocolate and then a beautiful wintery walk around the Boating Lake. I love the way the cold air freezes my breath, leaves my heart frozen and my fingertips untouchable. I love how it does those things but we all get exited by it. 2 months till Christmas Is a exiting thought too.

Note to self, start buying presents!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


This September has been slightly overwhelming, started college in which I started with a struggle. People kept telling me, it will get better Minnie; it did. I have made a lovely group of friends and my lessons are all perfect for me. However with me off to college I left my best friend Darby behind. So we had a sunny September meet up in which we sat on a field and ate burger sweets and stared at the clouds. I also went up country to Woking in which I saw my other best friend Lilly, the weekend was perfect, filled with singing, tap dancing in topshop, brilliant breakfasts and filling a room with balloons and dancing to Taylor Swift. Septembers sadly going swiftly.

Oh and Matthew passed his driving test, and I have started 'minniesmark' in which I leave a paper bird everywhere I have Been (busses, classrooms etc)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

London love at the Paralympics

I love London, its a beautiful city through my eyes which makes you feel so alive. Me and my boyfriend and our friend Robert got tickets for Paralympics (wheelchair basketball), we took a far too long coach there over night to London, and a horrible even longer coach home. The coach was tiring and uncomfortable and very cold, suppose thats what you get for £10 though. The journey home was far worse then the one to London though. We were all tired from barely any sleep the night before and walking around London all day. Robert had horrible back pains, Matthew had a horrible headache the whole way home and as for me I felt sick and had blisters all over my toes (note to self, floral plasters are pretty but not helpful in time of need). However when we got to London my heart burst into song and euphoria pumped through my veins. London is beautiful and I almost feel like its my home yet I have never lived there! Paralympics was amazing, quite thrilling, especially when you have a 10p bet with Matthew. Overall a brilliant day, now cant wait till my next London trip in december with Matthew however this time we will go in his car Nora instead of a coach (road trips rule, coaches dont).

Me and Robert

polaroid love

 sky, boyfriend and i just love when you can only see someone's profile in the dark, so mysterious. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Chop Chop Chop

When I was 4 I had a short bob and ever since then I have been growing my hair. It has grown past my belly button and has kind of become another limb to me and i would look ridiculous without it. Yesterday I took the chop. Not length but fringe, scary, as soon as my sister holly chopped the first bit my heart sank. What had i done? I have ruined my hair? 12 years of growing gone on one crazzyy thought. But after all that worrying I do like it a little, still not 100% sure if I like it yet. Matthew loves it and apparently I am not allowed to grow it out so I suppose that is that.

my front hair

before and after

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yawn- Illustration night

Last night I couldn't sleep, my mind was a lively playground, ideas running around like young kids playing on the monkey bars of my imagination. So with this i decided to finish off some undone projects. At the beginning of this summer I started a book for my, now four month old, niece Queenie Valentine. I had a idea of the book being about a moon. This moon would be lonely and sad, I couldn't think of anything else to progress my little book though. Then a couple of days ago a old friend spoke to me, while talking to him I began creating a story line in my head. A book about a lonely moon looking down on earth with jealousy seeing how happy people are with their friends and loved ones and then he finds a little boy who is lonely. So the moon wishes on a shooting star that they will be friends. Then that little boy becomes a astronaut and the story ends with the boy Hugo with his cat Jugo on the moon, smiles all round. Last night I stayed up till four painting and drawing this. I am not finished but can see the finishing line. I had planned to finish it last night but at 4am my imagination withered in to no more than shrivelled leaf of creativity, So with nothing to work with I crawled into bed at 4:16am. Yawn.

My suitcases of craft 

2am warm milk break

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Today i had my only baby tooth taken out, feels like i have officially said goodbye to the younger gappy toothed smiley Minnie Bunce and have been replaced with me but in pain and waiting for hours to pass so i can take my next paracetamol. The light in all of this is that they numbed my mouth which was fun, also everyone at my dentist is lovely from the tooth remover to the receptionist with her new beautiful tortoise shell thick rimmed glasses. All of this was topped by a little envelope i got telling me to put my tooth under my pillow, with my tooth inside. Took me back to the nights of waiting for the tooth fairy, trying to stay awake but slowly drifting into deep slumber. I fondly remember the next mornings where the light through my curtains tickled my eyelids till I woke up to a little 50p under my pillow. I remember the feeling of disappointment that i missed my fairy again, mixed with euphoria from the little present i had received.
(younger me)


Prom was a very interesting surprisingly stressful day for me. I spent months searching for a dress but prom dresses are difficult when you're not interested in hot pink ruffled diamond encrusted gowns. I ended up getting so stressed by the search that i gave up and borrowed one off a family friend. Black, long, simple. However after a last minuet breakdown in Topshop searching for shoes mum decided i needed a dress that suited me. She took me home and I unwillingly followed her through town to a dress shop, we searched around until we found a simple dusky pink dress that fitted perfectly and i loved. At least, i could enjoy my day. But no, my sister Holly came over to do my hair and sort me out slowly and relaxed in the morning of my prom day, however a science teacher pulled me into school to finish undone work. I got home with 2 hours to go, did my own makeup, hair done by Holly quickly and not how i imagined or wanted originally (with long thick hair like mine it is hard to get what you want with a updo). Despite this i walked out the door happy and confident. On time. Stressful yet worth it.
Matthew got nervous in front of the camera and didn't want to look

 P.s this is my wonderfully handsome cousin noah, isn't he the coolest.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Camping trip

Me and my family go camping every year with our church, our site is always full of moody teenagers who have woken before midday from screaming little children running about. Dispite this being a big problem for me i did enjoy myself, from the the tye dye football shirts to the beautiful country drive home.

A walk with Matthew

Living in Cornwall I find that it is a beautiful place with not much to do. Me and my boyfriend Matthew walk. He calls them adventures and takes me through small bushy paths where i fall over and cut my leg too often but thats is what we do. One of my favourite places to go is the gannel, it is especially beautiful when the tide is in and the sea trickles onto the paths and tickles our toes. 

photos taken by matthew