Wednesday, 5 September 2012

London love at the Paralympics

I love London, its a beautiful city through my eyes which makes you feel so alive. Me and my boyfriend and our friend Robert got tickets for Paralympics (wheelchair basketball), we took a far too long coach there over night to London, and a horrible even longer coach home. The coach was tiring and uncomfortable and very cold, suppose thats what you get for £10 though. The journey home was far worse then the one to London though. We were all tired from barely any sleep the night before and walking around London all day. Robert had horrible back pains, Matthew had a horrible headache the whole way home and as for me I felt sick and had blisters all over my toes (note to self, floral plasters are pretty but not helpful in time of need). However when we got to London my heart burst into song and euphoria pumped through my veins. London is beautiful and I almost feel like its my home yet I have never lived there! Paralympics was amazing, quite thrilling, especially when you have a 10p bet with Matthew. Overall a brilliant day, now cant wait till my next London trip in december with Matthew however this time we will go in his car Nora instead of a coach (road trips rule, coaches dont).

Me and Robert

polaroid love

 sky, boyfriend and i just love when you can only see someone's profile in the dark, so mysterious. 

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