Thursday, 27 September 2012


This September has been slightly overwhelming, started college in which I started with a struggle. People kept telling me, it will get better Minnie; it did. I have made a lovely group of friends and my lessons are all perfect for me. However with me off to college I left my best friend Darby behind. So we had a sunny September meet up in which we sat on a field and ate burger sweets and stared at the clouds. I also went up country to Woking in which I saw my other best friend Lilly, the weekend was perfect, filled with singing, tap dancing in topshop, brilliant breakfasts and filling a room with balloons and dancing to Taylor Swift. Septembers sadly going swiftly.

Oh and Matthew passed his driving test, and I have started 'minniesmark' in which I leave a paper bird everywhere I have Been (busses, classrooms etc)

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