Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Today i had my only baby tooth taken out, feels like i have officially said goodbye to the younger gappy toothed smiley Minnie Bunce and have been replaced with me but in pain and waiting for hours to pass so i can take my next paracetamol. The light in all of this is that they numbed my mouth which was fun, also everyone at my dentist is lovely from the tooth remover to the receptionist with her new beautiful tortoise shell thick rimmed glasses. All of this was topped by a little envelope i got telling me to put my tooth under my pillow, with my tooth inside. Took me back to the nights of waiting for the tooth fairy, trying to stay awake but slowly drifting into deep slumber. I fondly remember the next mornings where the light through my curtains tickled my eyelids till I woke up to a little 50p under my pillow. I remember the feeling of disappointment that i missed my fairy again, mixed with euphoria from the little present i had received.
(younger me)

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