Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yawn- Illustration night

Last night I couldn't sleep, my mind was a lively playground, ideas running around like young kids playing on the monkey bars of my imagination. So with this i decided to finish off some undone projects. At the beginning of this summer I started a book for my, now four month old, niece Queenie Valentine. I had a idea of the book being about a moon. This moon would be lonely and sad, I couldn't think of anything else to progress my little book though. Then a couple of days ago a old friend spoke to me, while talking to him I began creating a story line in my head. A book about a lonely moon looking down on earth with jealousy seeing how happy people are with their friends and loved ones and then he finds a little boy who is lonely. So the moon wishes on a shooting star that they will be friends. Then that little boy becomes a astronaut and the story ends with the boy Hugo with his cat Jugo on the moon, smiles all round. Last night I stayed up till four painting and drawing this. I am not finished but can see the finishing line. I had planned to finish it last night but at 4am my imagination withered in to no more than shrivelled leaf of creativity, So with nothing to work with I crawled into bed at 4:16am. Yawn.

My suitcases of craft 

2am warm milk break


  1. Sounds like a good, productive way to spend the night and a dreamy one too! I love it when the mind falls into a well of good thinking and imagination and you are so wraped up and content with what you are doing. All of your paintings look so beautiful and what a gift little Queenie has to treasure! I have so many ideas for children's books as well, you've just inspired me to do the same for my niece and newphew! Love your blog :-)