Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Prom was a very interesting surprisingly stressful day for me. I spent months searching for a dress but prom dresses are difficult when you're not interested in hot pink ruffled diamond encrusted gowns. I ended up getting so stressed by the search that i gave up and borrowed one off a family friend. Black, long, simple. However after a last minuet breakdown in Topshop searching for shoes mum decided i needed a dress that suited me. She took me home and I unwillingly followed her through town to a dress shop, we searched around until we found a simple dusky pink dress that fitted perfectly and i loved. At least, i could enjoy my day. But no, my sister Holly came over to do my hair and sort me out slowly and relaxed in the morning of my prom day, however a science teacher pulled me into school to finish undone work. I got home with 2 hours to go, did my own makeup, hair done by Holly quickly and not how i imagined or wanted originally (with long thick hair like mine it is hard to get what you want with a updo). Despite this i walked out the door happy and confident. On time. Stressful yet worth it.
Matthew got nervous in front of the camera and didn't want to look

 P.s this is my wonderfully handsome cousin noah, isn't he the coolest.

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